Introducing the NEW SteamPod Professional Smoothing Treatment. This patented protective technology protects any hair type against extreme heat & humidity conditions. This innovative product is compatible with all stylers and heat tools and can be applied to any hair type.

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For instant control & protection: Extreme humidity control: up to 40°C, 80% humidity. Anti-frizz effect 72H. 230°C protection. 


For long-lasting end-look results: Shiner & Smoother hair, Hair is nourished, 3X faster styling, up to 5 shampoos.

Under heat and steam activation, the alpha silane silicone and the amino silicone react together (cross-linking) and form a long-lasting smooth and hydrophobic coating around the fiber that lasts up to 5 shampoos. 

Thanks to the performance of the alpha silane silicone, there is no need to apply a large amount of this formula on hair. 

Discover our new smoothing treatment compatible with all hot tools.

Save up to 20% 

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FOR THE PRO: For all hair types with instant & long-lasting results 


FOR THE CLIENT: Shiner & Smoother hair, 

3X faster styling, up to 5 shampoos 


This is a simple 3 step treatment routine for long-lasting results.  

Step 1 – apply to towel-dried hair  

Step 2 – Dry hair 100% 

Step 3 – Style with any heat tool