Genesis Homme by Kérastase is the first dual action anti-fall haircare for the weakened hair prone to thining. It instantly thickens every fiber for fuller hair while treating hair-fall on the long run.

The range, formulated with woody notes, rounder and warmer such as amber is more masculine than its feminine counterpart.


The Science Behind Hair Fall

Did you know that 70% of men worldwide report suffering from hair loss? It affects men of all ages, as even 1/3 of men under 30 are affected by hair loss.

Typically, 50 to 100 hairs fall naturally every day. Beyond 100 hairs lost every day and 20% of hair in telogen phase it is an excessive hair loss.

Many men are concerned by problems of hair volume or density loss, sometimes at the end of their adolescence. The forehead at the temples and the top of the scalp are the most frequently affected areas.

Whether for hormonal, genetic or extrinsic factors, this phenomenon leads to a loss of self-confidence or even the development of complexes. In Europe, 52% men say they are affected by hair loss issues*.

* IPSOS 2003. Study carried out in Europe on 30,000 people.

4 False Myths About Hair-Fall

Many hair myths have been around for so long, we’ve accepted them as scientific fact. But there is a lot of fake news out there when it comes to hair loss. To help you separate hair fact from fiction, we asked our Kérastase expert Dareen Fowler, to dismantle some of them in this video.

“Does shampoo make me lose my hair?

Is hair loss in men passed down from the mother's side of the family?

Does wearing a hat cause baldness?

Does regularly cutting my hair make it grow faster and thicker?”

Discover the New Range for Men

5 products to strengthen your hair and reduce hair-fall

Reduces Hair Loss In 6 Weeks*.

5 Times Fuller Hair**.

85% More Hair Fiber Strength***.

*Clinical test on 99 people. 6 weeks of use of Sérum Anti-chute Fortifiant.

** Instrumental test Bain de Masse + Cire d'Épaisseur

***Instrumental test on Bain de Masse Épaississant + Cire d’Épaisseur Texturisante + Sérum Anti-chute Fortifiant.

What's Inside ?

Genesis Homme by Kérastase is a dual fuller hair thickness program to gain more hair density instantly thanks to the first ingredient

and to gain hair strength day after day thanks to the second one.


Strengthen and thicken hair fiber for an immediate fuller look.

Ginger extract reduces UVB-induced apoptosis/programmed cell death. Ginger Root has protective effect against external aggressor-induced damages.

Creatine can help rebuild and strengthen hair structure from within, improve its mechanical properties and protect it against heat damage and UV rays.


Helps to stop hair loss, fortifies hair anchorage and retention.

Aminexil is a key active ingredient for keeping the hair sheath supple and enabling hair to anchor itself more solidly in the scalp. It prevents collagen from hardening around hair follicles. At the concentration of 1.5% in Genesis Homme products, its effectiveness in preventing hair loss has been proven.

Pro Tips

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