[French Balayage]

A professional 2-step technique.

French Balayage is our professional 2-step technique associating perfectly blended lightening to a nourishing gloss.

The result?

A natural-looking balayage, from subtle to sexy, or even extreme. A result only a pro can achieve. French Balayage: perfectly blended, never warm, glossy shine.

A professional 2-step technique.

Always natural looking, whatever your blayage desire.

Step 1: Perfectly blended lightening.

Step 2: Nourishing gloss.

New Blond Studio 7 Clay Powder.

Soft & luminous.

Subtle transformation.

To perform the soft & luminous look:

Step 1 : Blond Studio 7 Clay Powder

Step 2: Dia Light 8.21

The new Blond Studio 7 Clay Powder contains 19% clay, providing an elastic texture, and a soft balayage experience. No ammonia, no smell.

Ideal for subtle, well-blended balayage, with precise drawing for no demarcation.

New Blond Studio 8 Bonder Inside.

Sexy, not stripy.

Medium transformation.

To perform the sexy, not stripy look:

Step 1 : Blond Studio 8 Bonder Inside.

Step 2: Dia Light 9.13 (regrowth) and 10.23 (lengths).

Blond Studio 8 Bonder Inside lightens hair and protects bonds, all in one step thanks to its high concentration of citric acid and glycine bonding complex.

It is a great partner for medium/dark bases balayage.

Blond Studio 9.

Extreme without warmth.

Extreme transformation.

To perform the extreme without warmth look:

Step 1: Blond Studio 9

Step 2: Dia light 3/4 9.13 + 1/2 9.21 (regrowth) and 3/4 10.12 + 1/4 10.21 (lengths)

Blond Studio 9: ultra lift, with improved hair cosmeticity.

To be used with its oil developers.

It is a great partner to perform bold balayages on dark bases.

[French Balayage]

Now with new Blond Studio.

More professional pack: clearer front, galenic, technique.

New cap stickers: information visible from all angles. New gradual powder: easier to distinguish lift in a bowl.

More sustainable: new Blond Studio made with 75% to 100% recycled plastic.

Savings 53 tons of plastic per year.

Soin Gloss.

Dia Light acidic gloss.

Dia Light is the mandatory step 2 to a French Balayage service.

Its acidic gel-cream technology closes cuticles after lightening. Hair is 30% more conditioned.

Dia Light has a wide palette of shades to cover all neutralization needs, even on the darkest bases.